Let’s face it leasing contracts are long, inflexible, and come with lots of strings attached. But this is the age of co-working, start-ups, and digital nomads. When businesses can grow online and on the move, workers don’t always need a place to plant their roots. Go Coeo.

We’re re-imagining how space is found and shared to meet the needs of a new generation of mobile professionals and businesses. Coeo connects people and businesses who need to find a place to work with the exact spaces they are looking for.

Coeo can connect you with spaces that can provide you with the ability to grow, shrink, and relocate on-demand, with the flexibility you and your team need. Best of all, we've streamlined the process, so you can get back to secretly watching cat videos ASAP.

At Coeo, we make sure that every member of your team, whether you’re going solo or bringing the whole crew, has their own space to work—because no one should have to sit on the floor (unless they want to, we don’t judge).

And in addition to office space, Coeo is pleased to include industrial, meeting, and flex spaces in our portfolio. We understand that a traditional office doesn’t work for everyone, so fear not part-time digital nomad, part-time life-size dinosaur sculpture artist. No matter your needs, we can help connect you with the perfect space.

Stay Awesome, The Team at Coeo

Sharing Space

Those who want to share space come in all shapes and sizes and from all over the professional sphere. Finding a space can be like choosing a crayon out of a box, so we want to make sure we have your favorite color. Some examples are:

  • Businesses, including everything from start-ups to Fortune 50 Corporations who have excess space or space to share.
  • Co-Working companies, with available and ready-to-go spaces.
  • Brokers or Landlords, who have move-in ready spec suites, raw & unfinished space, collaborative spaces, touchdown spaces, surge spaces, second generation spaces, option spaces, plug and play suites, or tenants with excess space to sublease.

Management Team

Coeo was founded by a team of commercial real estate veterans, software developers, a few rising stars and the desire to disrupt the traditional commercial real estate industry. This team is a powerhouse of creativity and industry knowledge. Our goal is to connect people with office space, anywhere.