Culture Opportunities = coFactor

So what exactly is a coFactor? In the scientific world, it’s a helper molecule that works with other molecules to create a catalyst for transformation. How does this relate to your office? Your company has a set of core values that represents your corporate culture. It must prioritize culture to recruit and retain talent. For many growing companies, their environment must emulate and support the culture they aspire to.

By carefully choosing the right environment for your team, you are actively guiding your culture. The coFactor represents the Culture Opportunity (co) of every property. Companies can now choose the location that best aligns with their company culture and core values. It’s a simple tool that helps make a complicated decision easier.


What is the coFactor

The coFactor is a proprietary online assessment tool used for the appraisal and valuation of commercial real estate based on a number of factors including amenities, features, and geographic location of each space and property.

Why does the coFactor matter?

When businesses are looking for space, more and more are searching for one that aligns with their culture. By selecting a Gold, Silver or Bronze tiered building, they can feel confident that the building already has a lot of the features and amenities they are looking for.

What are the tiers of the coFactor?

  • Gold is 90 to 100
  • Silver is 80 to 89
  • Bronze is 70 to 79

How do you get your coFactor?

Add your move-in-ready space to Coeo, it’s risk-free. When someone adds move-in-ready space to Coeo, the space is curated by our team of industry professionals. Once the space has been curated, the coFactor is applied. If the property receives a coFactor of 70 or above, the space will receive the badge that corresponds with its score. The badge will display on the space card and space details pages of Coeo. You are permitted to use the coFactor badge on any marketing materials for the space as long as it’s properly displayed and appears on Coeo.

How is my coFactor calculated?

The coFactor is calculated by using a proprietary formula which includes amenities, features, and location data.

Why does my coFactor appear low?

It’s important to review any of your spaces to make sure that all amenities and features are included. By keeping your space up to date, you’ll ensure the most accurate coFactor. For example, if your property has been renovated or adds new amenities, your factor could be altered.

Why are some spaces missing the coFactor?

If a space does not receive a minimum score of 70, a coFactor badge is not displayed. Co-Working and meetings rooms do not currently have a coFactor. We will be launching the coFactor for Co-Working soon.

Is the coFactordifferent for Co-Working?

Yes, Co-Working is a managed space within a property. Some property considerations are factored into the Co-Working coFactor but most of the data is calculated by using a proprietary formula which includes amenities and features of the Co-Working space. Coming Soon!